Photography & Styling by Suzanne Clements

It all started when...

Hi... I'm Lou Belcher. The Helpful Blogger grew out of my need for information. You see, I was not born a vegan.  Rather, I started transitioning to  a vegan/ whole food/plant-based diet on 9/29/17. Since then, I have been reading non-stop. I have devoured several books and have many more in a pile ready to be read.  The Helpful Blogger is evolving from this need for and acquisition of information.

As I read, I am making detailed notes and implementing what makes sense to me. I have had books and notes all over the place and am starting this site to organize all this information and to be, literally, the helpful blogger. I figured as long as I'm organizing,  I might as well share it . So, The Helpful Blogger is not specifically about me; rather, it's about healthy eating, nutrition, reversing the damage we have done to our health, weight management, exercise, fitness, making our diets work for us and creating a healthful lifestyle.

I am so glad that Suzanne Clements, food photographer and stylist, is joining me to provide beauty and creativity to this site.  We hope you enjoy the journey.


About Lou Belcher

Lou Belcher is a  freelance writer, blogger and artist. She has been writing most of her life and has several published books. She started blogging about 10 years ago and is the founder and editor of two Florida-based blogs: Florida Book News and Brevard Art News. Both are devoted to bringing attention to Florida artists and writers and their creative works.

Now, her interest in healthy eating and a shift in lifestyle have led her to develop The Helpful Blogger. She is not a nutritionist, but is relentless at reading and reporting what she learns. Hopefully, you'll find that of use to you.

Please follow along and feel free to use the contact page to send comments or questions or comment directly at the end of blog posts.


The Photographs

A majority of the photography featured here has been created in collaboration with Suzanne Clements, a food photographer and stylist based in Central Florida. Also passionate about healthy, wholesome, whole foods, she has been excited to dig in (as it were) and journey alongside us. To view more of her work visit her photography website at: www.snapsandpics.com or check out her images available for licensing via Stocksy.com