Orthorexia: Part 2

I just heard of orthorexia for the first time a couple weeks ago. As I said in the April 2 post, I found the idea of obsession with eating healthy to be a bit alarming… maybe because it hits close to home. I'm all for a plant-based diet, but I'm also all for enjoying what you eat and the importance of food in social situations (going out to eat, enjoying yourself at parties, etc.) This is the part of what I read on orthorexia that alarmed me. Although I am thrilled with the strides I've made in regaining my health through improved nutrition, I am not thrilled that it has contributed to a self-imposed isolation of sorts — I rarely eat out and when I do, I can rarely find satisfying food. So, I'll be working on this for as long as it takes, and I'll share helpful information as I find it. This wouldn't be but so alarming except for the fact that this is more than a little bit due to my obsession to eat healthfully. When does that obsession become a disorder? I guess the experts have not figured this out yet

For now, I have found a couple of podcasts on orthorexia that will add to what I've already posted about it. I hope you find them interesting and enlightening.

This one, by Dr . Michael Greger expresses the view that an obsession with healthy eating is a good thing and that orthorexia is not real. I'm wondering if Dr. Greer saw the articles that indicated that research is on-going and that although an obsession with eating healthy may be good, an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy to the point of eliminating food groups may not be good.

This one, featuring Episode 35: Jessica Setnick: Orthorexia , provides additional information about what is being done to research orthorexia and some more explanation about the nature and degree of the obsession that might become worrisome.

I'd love to receive comments on this. And, I'll be back with more as I discover it.

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