One Year!

One Year!

Yes! The Helpful Blogger Group on Facebook and this blog are one-year old. Wow! This year has flown by.

As this first year ends, I have taken some time to look back over the blog and have spent some time devising what I want to do for the next year.

First, I've decided to continue with The Helpful Blogger slogan - be kind…be the change…be the healthiest version of yourself. These categories seem all-encompassing to me. After all, they cover the three main reasons people start eating a plant-based diet.

I have, however, decided to broaden the issues under each category as follows:

Being kind

  1. to animals

  2. to self

  3. to others through collaboration, connection, etc.

Being the change

  1. by taking care of our environment

  2. by contributing in a positive way to the lives of others

Being the healthiest version of yourself

  1. by increasing knowledge of and implementation of healthy changes in cooking and eating

  2. by understanding the role of fitness to help improve your health

  3. by passing along helpful information about reversing negative health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer prevention, obesity, etc.

Oh Yum…

Suzanne will continue to make your mouth water with this wonderful area including irrestible cooking suggestions and recipes, as well as her beautiful food styling and photography. In addition, we have experimented with bringing you live videos on Instagram and in The Helpful Blogger Group on Facebook. We’ve enjoyed doing it and will continue on an average of once a month.


Soon, I'll be adding a section to the blog where you'll be able to find recommended resources, such as lists and links to books, videos, and websites you may want to refer to when wanting some quick helpful information.


Thanks for following along during the first year of The Helpful Blogger. I'm looking forward to another great year and am hoping you will communicate with me through comments here or through The Helpful Blogger Group on Facebook. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

In addition, in looking back, I've noticed some of my posts have stretched a little long. So, for most of the posts in the coming year, you'll notice a change to more consise helpful posts. Please stop by often for a dose of helpful information.

And, please feel free to join us, even if you're only thinking of going plant-based with your eating. You'll find lots of good information here.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.



be kind - be the change

be the healthiest version of yourself

Oopsie - Daisy!

Oopsie - Daisy!

Oh Yum: Vegan Quiche

Oh Yum: Vegan Quiche