Spice it up -- Spices for Health and Flavor

Spice it up -- Spices for Health and Flavor

Spices and seasonings not only make food taste yummy, but many of them have health benefits as well. In this post, I'll share some of the health benefits of many spices. As with anything, it's good to try it out for yourself to see if you like the taste and if the health benefit holds true for you. In any case, put a little spice in your life to tweak your favorite dishes.

Use some or all

anise - improves digestion; decreases bloating; has anti-spasmodic qualities; works as an expectorant, reduces coughing

basil -- fights infection and boosts immunity; leaves can be eaten fresh or cooked; enhances meat flavor

bay leaf - soothes body aches; balances blood sugars; reduces congestion; helps joint pain from arthritis; anti-fungal properties; boosts immune system

cayenne pepper - (capsaicin) suppresses appetite and has anti-cancer properties; boosts metabolism; helps arthritis and shingles

chili powder - contains cayenne, dried peppers, garlic, and onion

chives - fights cancer; protects the heart; bone strength; protection against prostate cancer; boosts immunity, boosts vision

cilantro - helps rid body of heavy metals; has antioxidants ; lowers blood sugar; fights heart disease; fights urinary tract infections; good for digestion.

cinnamon - good for lowering blood sugar levels; helps with heart disease and blood pressure; can be used with sweet or savory; reduces LDL

cloves - antioxidants, may improve liver function; regulates blood sugar; good for bone health; reduces stomach ulcers.

cumin - contains iron; helps diabetes; improves cholesterol; promotes weight loss; helps digestion.

curry - boosts immune system; reduces arthritis pain; helps prevent cancer; lowers cholesterol; boosts metabolism.

garam masala - builds immunity; slows aging; promotes weight loss; relieves heartburn; reduces blood sugar; is a blend of coriander, cumin, cloves, cardamom,ginger, and nutmeg.

garlic - good for the heart and helps combat illness; lowers blood pressure; boosts immunity; may help with colds; may help lower blood pressure; may help prevent cancer

ginger - anit-inflammatory; good for nausea from morning sickness, from surgery, and from chemotherapy; reduces arthritis

lemon grass - relieves anxiety; relaxation; lowers cholesterol; prevents infection; relieves pain ; relieves bloating.

mustard - fights uterine cancer; prevents heart disease; helps bone strength; assists sleep.

onion - high in antioxidants; anti- carcinogenic; anti-inflammatory; anti-diabetic

oregano - good for heart health; fights infection; high in antioxidants; high in vitamin K, manganese, iron, calcium and fiber

pepper - antioxidant; enhances flavor, assists weight loss; improves dugestion; boosts metabolism.

peppermint - improves mood and focus; relieves IBS pain; helps nausea

rosemary - good for nasal congestion and to prevent allergies; improves brain function and mood; helps prevent cognitive decline; hair growth

sage -- good for memory and the function of the brain

sesame - good for skin and hair; contains copper, magnesium, calcium, and protein; strengthens bones.

thyme - versatile… good with meats, poultry and vegetables

tumeric -- anit-inflammatory; contains curcumin that helps ease toothache, arthritis, heart disease, and moodiabetes; and contains antioxidants

wasabi - anti-cancer properties; helps heart health; fights arthritis; helps digestion; helps blood pressure.


You may not want to use all of these spices, but give some of them a try. And mix three or more together to make your own blend.

be kind - be the change

be the healthiest version of yourself



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