I'm a plant eater. How about you?

I'm a plant eater. How about you?

Vegan defines what you don't eat. Plant Eater defines what you eat.

Keeping it as simple as possible over here. On September 29th, it'll be a year since I became a vegan. For the most part, it  has been a great and healthy year, but it has also been confusing at times.

I love the quote above. Until I ran across it, I had difficulty defining what I was doing. This quote cleared the confusion. It's so much easier to define your eating by what you eat rather than by what you don't eat.

Let's back up.

A year ago last April, I was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux and was wading everyday through the thick swamp of my new eating world.

At that time, my goal was to eat what I loved (or thought I loved) without getting sick. About 5 months into the swamp, my brother tagged me with a video about veganism. (Coincidentally, right about the same time, I was coming to the realization that meat was pretty consistently causing occurrences of reflux.)

So, I thought: why not give a vegan diet a try? This may not be the same for you if you have reflux, but a couple weeks after giving up animal products, my digestive system was not as angry with me as it had been. Thrilled, I decided to give veganism a try on a permanent basis.

So, I started reading and learning

The first thing I learned was that people become vegan for one or all of three reasons:

  1. To be kind to animals.

  2. To protect the environment since the meat industry is the cause of 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions. 

  3. For health and nutritional reasons.

My motivation was definitely spurred on by the third reason, but I do embrace the others as well. HOWEVER,  I found it difficult as a new vegan to define what I would and wouldn't eat. I needed a bit more structure as there are many foods that are technically vegan but definitely not healthy.

Becoming a PLANT EATER was the answer

So, when I hit on the label Plant Eater, my confusion ended. It was just so clear to me. I'm a plant eater, so I eat plants. No decisions (or not many anyway) to make.

As far as I'm concerned, there is one food group -- plants. Period.

That's the message for today. That simple. Feel free to join me. And, as always, feel free to comment with questions or thoughts. 


be kind - be the change

be the healthiest version of yourself


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