100-Day Food and Movement Project

100-Day Food and Movement Project

Some of you know I love a challenge. Post about one, and I'll go for it. Well, I've graduated to dreaming up my own challenges -- or in this case, I’m calling it a project. And, I'm inviting you to join in with me.  Welcome to THE HELPFUL BLOGGER - 100-DAY FOOD AND MOVEMENT PROJECT. 

The other day, when I was writing the post about striving to be the healthiest version of yourself, I began to brainstorm ways we can help ourselves. This project is the result of that brainstorming session.

What is it?

This project will last 100 days. The point is to keep a written record of your food consumption and your movement (exercise) each day for 100 days. I have found that one of the best ways to keep my behavior on track is to take a good look at that behavior. And, the best way to take a good look at my behavior is to keep a brutally honest journal of what I do.

For me, this works especially well with food and movement. It's difficult to change something if you don't have an objective picture of what it is. So, by keeping a record you will have a clear picture of your eating and of your exercise, and you'll have a basis for deciding what modifications would be helpful.

Why do it?

There are several reasons participating in the 100-Day Food and Movement Project might be a good fit for you.


What you eat and how much you move are good predictors of health. It seems logical that by keeping good notes on both, you'll be able to more easily assess how you're doing and determine if you need to make changes to one or both.


It is so much easier to eat as much or more of what you want when you want it; however, that's rarely a formula for good health. By being accountable to yourself about how much you eat and how much you exercise -- walk, run, swim, etc. -- you'll be able to determine if you are helping or hindering yourself. Yes, by seeing your efforts in black and white, you'll have a better chance of stopping yourself when you're going off track.

-problem identification

In addition to helping you hold yourself accountable for your behavior, a food/movement record will give you real information to analyze in case you're not seeing the changes you hoped for. It might help you identify particular foods you may overeat or identify certain times of day that don't work for exercise. 


It's more difficult to make progress when you're trying something different each day. By determining what you want to accomplish and by tracking information about how you're going to accomplish it, a rhythm will develop day after day that will help you reach success.  


Writing in your journal, notebook, iPad, or phone will motivate you. One successful day will lead to another. It will also bring your eating and exercise to a conscious level. So, instead of mindlessly nibbling through snacks while watching TV, you'll be motivated to write things down and work toward health.    

How it works?


Easy-peasy... Daily, write down what and how much you eat and how much you move.

Your record can be as simple as you as want to make it. For example, some will just list foods eaten and exercise completed. Others may want to also keep track of more details, such as weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc. You can do whatever is helpful to you...just don't make it so complicated it becomes overwhelming.


If you want, you are welcome to post how you are doing in the comments section of this post ...or post in The Helpful Blogger Group on Facebook.

And, it's also perfectly okay to keep records for your eyes only. Whatever works best for you is what you should do. In any case, I would encourage you to commit to keeping records for 100 days. It'll give you a good chance at consistency and it will help you transform the positive changes you make into habits.


Good Luck ... and Sieze the Day!!!



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