You may think it's a little early to be talking about resolutions. In fact, you may not want to talk about them at all. 

I think it's the perfect time. The rush of Thanksgiving and the stress of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are behind us; and we haven't quite been swept into the crush of the end of the year festivities yet.  I think we should take this lull to give some thought to the new year.

Do I want to establish some resolutions?  If so, what do I want out of them? And how will I go about keeping them for more than a day and a half?

Since this is a food and health blog for plant eaters and beyond, I'll use food and health issues as examples. Please feel free to apply these concepts to any resolution that works for you.

Life -- Out Of Control

When I first thought of writing this post, I thought, ugh! for a couple reasons. First, I'm not any better than most of you who abandon resolutions almost before they are made; so, why bother? Second, I don't know about you, but I am worn out. I don't operate well when bombarded with information and negativity, and it seems like we all (both sides of the issues) could use a break. And, it also seems to me we don't need to put more pressure on ourselves by adding an unattainable goal or two and subsequent failure-to-succeed guilt to the mix.

However, logic took over and the thought occurred that maybe I could put some quality time into devising a new way of thinking about resolutions and their implementation in order to turn this New Year tradition into a more meaningful and renewing activity.

Keep it simple 

I believe one of the reasons in the past that my resolutions have gone unmet or fallen by the wayside is that I have used complicated, unattainable goals as resolutions. In my zeal for a fresh start, I've tried to fix the entirety of my life in one swoop.

To ward off certain failure, here are a few characteristics to keep in mind that might help us devise a workable resolution:

  1. keep it simple

  2. make it attainable

  3.  be sure it's observable

    If there's a complicated way to meet your resolution and an easy-peasy way, don't be a hero. Choose easy-peasy.

The resolution I have devised for 2019 is:

 I resolve to take one positive action to advance good health daily.


 I think I'll be successful at keeping this resolution and this is why...

  1. This resolution is intentionally broad. Why? Because using a broad resolution increases my chances of success. Because I want to take one positive action to advance good health daily, I have left the door open to choose an activity I'll enjoy, thus increasing my chances of keeping my resolution. For example, if my resolution had been to walk 2 miles per day,  I would fail on days when I absolutely couldn't get myself out the door.

  2. Simple. Yes, my resolution is simple. I don't need any special equipment for my resolution. I don't need a special environment. I can meet it anywhere. 

  3. Attainable: There are endless possibilities to meet my resolution.  For example, I can meet it by choosing a salad rather than a processed food at one meal; I can take a walk and meet it; and I can meditate and meet it, etc. And my resolution is attainable because I am requiring only one health promoting action per day. I can do more if I want, but I'm a success by doing one act to intentionally improve my health.

  4. Observable: The three examples above are easily observable behaviors.

    There are literally hundreds of things I could do to improve my health. Boredom with having to do the same thing everyday will not sabotage me this year.

    You might want to keep a calendar. Write down your health accomplishment for the day. Review monthly and pat yourself on the back.


Help yourself to my resolution if you desire. It certainly fits in with The Helpful Blogger theme as it brings health to mind daily, and I predict it'll give me a feeling of success that might help me to stick with it. 

Or, put your creative powers to work and write a resolution that gets at the heart of what you want to accomplish in the new year.

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