App Review: Four Eyed Plant Eater

App Review: Four Eyed Plant Eater


I ran across the Four -Eyed Plant Eater app a week or so ago and decided I should point it out to you. I think it will probably be a handy reference for seasoned plant eaters, and it will be particularly helpful to those of you new to plant eating.

What is it?

This app is packed with links to resources.  I would classify it as a reference app. It is not an app that keeps track of anything for you, but it provides an easy way to click to all sorts of valuable information.

The portals on the app take you to...

Starter Guides

Starter Guides are sites that provide valuable information for those of you who are transitioning to plant-based eating.


This section points to favorite sites that address research and trending topics regarding aspects of a whole food plant-eating lifestyle.


Here's a quick click to a variety of apps you may want to add to your computer or phone.


Who doesn't need a speedy link to some of these sites offering great recipes?

Facebook Groups

If you're looking for a little camaraderie or support during your plant-based journey, there are plenty of groups on Facebook. Take a look in this section for links.

YouTube Channels

There are many YouTube channels with helpful documentaries and lifestyle segments as well as cooking videos. You'll find many of them here.

All in all, I think the Four Eyed Plant Eater app is a great resource. Take a look.

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