Five Ways to Transition to a Vegan Diet - Part 1

Five Ways to Transition to a Vegan Diet - Part 1


So... your goal is to eliminate some or all the animal products from your diet. If you want to go all the way to vegan, it means getting rid of all meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey.  If you're wondering what is left, don't worry. There's lots to eat, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, and grains.

If it seems like too much to give up all animal products at once, there is no reason you must. Do what you can. Any change in that direction is bound to be good for your health.

Often those who transition gradually to a vegan diet have more success. Keep in mind that to successfully transition, you'll want to choose the right path for you. In today's post and the next four blog posts, I'll give you a few ideas of ways to ease into it. 

 Part 1: Transitioning to a vegan diet by making smart swaps

Like any other big change in your life, this change will require some planning.  So, each day take a good look at what you are going to eat and how you prepare it.

If health is your goal, start off by choosing the healthiest cooking methods for foods familiar to you. For example, 

  • swap out frying and switch to baking when possible
  • use water when pan frying rather than oil
  • as much as possible eliminate uses of processed foods and replace them with fresh, real food

When making food choices during the transition period, go ahead and choose your favorite foods, but commit to making them healthier.  For example,

  • choose baked chicken rather than fried chicken
  • choose mashed/baked potato rather than French fries
  • choose veggies with dip rather than chips with dip
  • choose chips with salsa rather than chips with cheese sauce
  • choose fresh/frozen veggies rather than canned veggies

As you become used to these changes, then challenge yourself to begin eliminating animal products gradually by exploring and experimenting with non-animal alternatives. For example, ...

  • choose a veggie burger rather than a cheese burger
  • choose veggie cheese products rather than dairy cheese
  • choose veggie meat substitutes rather than animal products
  • choose fruit at the end of a meal rather than cake or pie

Continue with making smart swaps until you have made substitutes for all the animal products in your diet.

Note: If you want to become vegetarian or just want to reduce the number of animal products you use, that's okay too.  Any change you choose toward a healthier diet is all the better for you in the long run.  With a little modification, you’ll find the tips in The Helpful Blogger beneficial. 

Five Ways to Transition to a Vegan Diet - Part 2

Five Ways to Transition to a Vegan Diet - Part 2

Becoming Vegan -- Ease Into It

Becoming Vegan -- Ease Into It