Monday, November 6, 2017

What does Vegan mean to you?

Straight forward definition comes from the Oxford Dictionary...

VEGAN -- a person who does not eat or use animal products...

Easy peasy... but maybe you can't quite go all the way to a strict vegan lifestyle.  What to do?  I recommend you can work your way to total veganism at your own pace.

It SEEMS TO ME... it's okay to transition to becoming a vegan. No one is keeping score. If cold turkey (so-to-speak) is too much for you, ease into it at your own pace. The point is you are doing something wonderful for your health and for the animals.  A good barometer for success is: Are you progressing in eating more healthfully?

I watched a video the other day where it was recommended that people could do a world of good for the environment and for yourself just by replacing beef (not all forms of meat, but just beef) with beans.  If that's as much as you can do to start... go for it. 

No judgement from this blogger and none from yourself.  And, when you're ready, add a few more items to the vegan side and take a few more away from the non-vegan side of your diet.  I predict that you will be wanting to transition all the way before long... Why?  Because you'll feel so much better with each successive day. 

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