Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Easy Vegan Cookbook by Kathy Hester

I have confessed to you before that I'm a newbie vegan. Yes, I'm feeling my way along. The other day, I realized I needed to get organized and not stand in front of the fridge blankly before each meal hoping to combine some non-dairy, non-meat ingredients into something edible. I have come to realize I need to know how to cook vegan and shop vegan before I'll feel comfortable. 

So, of course, I went looking for books and preferably books with the word "Easy" in the title.  Well, I think I hit the jackpot with The Easy Vegan Cookbook.  It certainly appears to be a hopeful answer to many of my questions. 

The Easy Vegan Cookbook is written by Kathy Hester who is a best selling cookbook author and blogger ( ).  In addition to this book she has written The Great Vegan Bean Book and OATrageous Oatmeals.

I must admit the book just arrived in the mail today. I have not tested the recipes yet, but, I'll be back to write a review of them when I do.

I needed to devote this blog to The Easy Vegan Cookbook because I like what I see.  I've flipped though it and what appeals to me is that, in addition to recipes, it has a section on how to make staples ahead and how to stock your freezer with cut veggies, etc. It also gives a shopping list for how to stock your cupboards with spices and supplies that will make it easier when you are cooking.

So for now.... I'm gonna get to cooking.... Come along with me as I get organized and I'll be back to talk about individual recipes soon.


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