Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let your inner artist inspire you.

What and where is your inner artist? 

Some call it muse, some call it inspiration; the inner artist is that inner creativity that that gives you that brilliant insight just when you need it. We all would like to bottle the good points of our inner artists so we can keep that muse singing our song all day long. Perhaps it can’t be bottled, but there are ways to get in touch with your inner artist and to make it work for you. Whether you're a writer, photographer, or artist, here are some tips on doing just that:

1.       Spend a certain amount of time each day concentrating on your creative endeavors.  Your inner artist will respond to the repetition of spending each day being creative. When you tap into your creative powers, it’s not so easy to shut them off. When you routinely work on your painting or novel, rather than letting it sit for a week or a month at a time, you keep this recent activity present in your mind and ideas will come to you more easily.  Having thoughts of your piece nearby rather than buried gives you a running start for the next time you sit down to work.

2.       Seek out inspiration. Visit galleries, read books, study, etc., to get your creative juices flowing. Viewing creations of other artists, writers, photographers can’t help but inspire you to work on your own. Magazines and books are also good for providing inspiration to your inner artist. 

3.       Join art or writing associations and visit with other artists or writers as often as you can. Meeting with other creative people and hearing what they are working on often will give you a pump of adrenalin to work on your own creations. Clubs, organizations and associations are a great place to meet others who are facing the challenges and triumphs that you face each day. If there is no artists' or writers' league in your area, why not start your own group. It needn’t be a big group to accomplish what you want. You just need to gather together a few people who understand your language and what you’re going through.

4.       One way to contact your inner artist is to continue your education. You can do this through a local college, but if that is not available in your area, private lessons with someone you admire will stimulate your creativity all the same.

Whatever the case, keep your work up front in your mind and a priority in your life and your inner artist will continue to inspire you.


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  2. Really love this post. These are some things I try every day to implement in my life as a film maker. Keep up the good work.