Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why editing is essential for web copy.

The content you put on your website represents you. What image do you want to present to the world? Here are some of the important reasons why editing is essential for web copy.

1.       Your writing is a form of communication. If you truly want to communicate to your readers, errors will not help you do so. Errors will draw the reader’s attention to the error and away from the message.

2.       Errors in writing brand you as careless. Even simple typos strike some people in the wrong way. In some cases, if there are numerous errors, readers may interpret them as meaning you are not dependable.  Why should they read the content you write if you are not dependable? If you are careless with the face you present to the work will you also be careless with the work they want to entrust to you?  All that perception comes from not going that extra step and having your copy for the web edited.

3.       If you don’t have someone edit your copy, you may miss not only typos but information errors as well. People are too busy today to double and triple check the information provided. If you are known as reliable in providing quality information in your copy, you can destroy that reputation by letting one error statement slip into your copy. It may be due to just using “wasn’t” in a sentence instead of “was.” An editor would have caught that. It may be hard to regain the trust of your readers once it’s gone.

4.       In addition to losing business and readers due to having errors in content, the problem may grow beyond that to losing you credibility or standing as someone who knows what they are writing about. 

5.       Misinformation is a problem on the Internet. As a writer, you don’t want to contribute to the perpetuation of misinformation. By simply having your web copy edited before posting it, you’ll cut down on the possibility of this.

Beyond all these reasons to have your web copy edited before posting it, it is equally important to not edit your own copy. It is essential to have a professional editor edit your copy to ensure the best job possible. Writers do not see their own errors. They have the copy in their head and are apt to read an error as correct because their mind is forming the sentences instead of their eyes catching the errors. Therefore, always have your web copy edited by a fresh set of eyes before posting it.

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