Sunday, January 8, 2012

Writing content for your blog

 Writing content for your blog is much different than writing fiction or non-fiction for any other reason. 

You must write succinctly and design the page to ensure the content is  easy to read. 

A page filled with long paragraphs will deter readers. Don't make the reading look like work. Rather use plenty of white space to ensure readers that it'll be a quick read.

 When reading on the web, people do not read long pieces word for word. They scan the content of your blog to see if there is anything earth-shattering that they must read. 

Suggestions for web content that will catch the attention of readers:

1.       Make every word count. Leave out as many adjectives as possible and all of the adverbs. Keep to the words that convey the message.  
2.       Choose keywords for the article with care and use  them frequently to ensure the search engines will find the topic within your blog content.
3.       Blog content should consist of short paragraphs or, better yet, lists that are easy to read.
4.       Use headings to draw attention to your content.  Pay close attention to headings and sub-headings. They might be the only thing that catches the eye of  readers and convinces them to read.  
5.       Use white space to your advantage. Make the piece easier for the reader by breaking up the reading with blank space.
6.       Use lists and graphics to get your point across in a short-handed fashion while keeping the reader interested in your content.
7.       Talk to the readers through your blog content.  Use a conversational tone and always ask for comments.

That's it.... Any comments or additions to the list are welcome.


  1. A new blog! How exciting. These all sound right to me. I'll be interested in seeing what other ideas you have for us.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tammy and thanks for finding my new blog. I must be crazy to start another, but I love to write "how-to" content, so thought I should have a place to put it. Anyway... Thanks for finding it and for following.

  3. Oh I am so happy I checked out this new blog Lou. Lots of good information. I can use all the help I can get. B