Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to get paid for your photographs.

Several factors must be considered when you are looking to get paid for your photographs. First of all, you need to consider what type of photography you specialize in and what would be the best marketplace for your photographs.

For example, if you create mostly photographs of sunsets and sunrises, you wouldn’t try to sell them to markets that deal with photographs of household items. Therefore, the obvious answer to the question of how to get paid for your photographs is to sell them where they are needed and wanted.

Here are some possibilities of ways to market your photographs.

  1. Stock photography. There are many specific stock photography agencies that you can contact online. (Some of them are:,, These are businesses that accumulate images from photographers and sell them to businesses or individuals to be used in advertisements or to illustrate a report, for blog post illustration, etc. Each time the stock photography agency sells your photograph you receive payment. If you decide to go this route in selling you photography, be sure to research the agencies. They are very specific in the kinds of photography and the quality of the photographs they accept.

  1. Selling through your own website is one way to get paid for your photographs. With the popularity of PayPal and many other online payment plans, it is easier than ever to sell your products through your website. The trick here is to find the audience that will be interested in your photography and learning how to drive the traffic of that audience to your website.

  1. Selling through galleries or gift shops is another way to get paid for your photographs. In most towns, there are galleries and gift shops that might be interested in selling your photographs. In this case, you would need to frame the photographs or mat and enclose them in a clear bag. If you decide to sell through retail markets, be prepared to share the price of your photographs. Most gift shops take a commission between 20% and 40%.

  1. If you are intent on reaching a wider market with your photographs, it is always wise to diversify. By this I mean that you could sell your photographs as a part of other products. For example, you could make your photographs into post cards or greeting cards. You could also decorate cups, t-shirts or any product that has a flat surface with them.

  1. Another way to get paid for your photographs is to put out the word that you are a photographer and available to photograph family gatherings, birthday parties, take holiday photographs, even photograph weddings and other traditional occasions.

As you can see, there are as many ways to get paid for your photographs as your imagination can devise. The trick is to thoroughly research the avenue you choose. That way you'll ensure you end up getting paid more than you pay out.

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  1. I thought of this but never knew how to even begin. It would be great to be able to sell my photos but my little Canon does not create, worth selling quality. Maybe someday I will get a better camera.B You are an amazing photographer Lou. B